Clinical assistants

After a hospital discharge is when insecurities occur, both the patient and his environment are decisive on how he should be assisted. Our staff takes what we call our ‘Logbook’ where we note on the follow-up to their continuous care, cures, postural changes, circulatory directions, muscle-building exercises, medical guidelines, medication monitoring, personal hygiene, diet, prolongation of sleep, a balanced diet according to each case, accompaniment to the doctor’s office, etc. In short, everything that affects their progress from that of their surroundings.

In Santa Rita we say that we react in time to take care. For this reason it is very important that we establish chemistry and confidence in the relationship between our staff and the client/patient. We prepare for the recovery of our patients looking for the physical equilibrium and it is incredible how fast they positively respond at times. Furthermore, thanks to not forgetting to push their personal motivation and that of your partner´s, who tend to worsen some situations.

We are right to see the importance of thorough patient care during the first weeks after leaving the hospital. A correct handling of the patient when he arrives home after the confrontation of a pathology, either trauma, neurosurgery…is essential for the success of the patient´s recovery and their future quality of life compared to poor care that could result in later problems as a re-hip prosthesis or an unstable recovery.

Of course, we offer reassurance to families knowing that even if they live abroad they shall be informed in actual time about everything that happens, at home or in the hospital. We manage any action necessary in case of urgency from our centre 24 hours a day.

Families who invest in their health but do not economise for the time of need require impeccable care, therefore we live up to your needed standards.