Everything to do concerning the care of patients´ feet, both at home and in the hospital. Podiatry is the specialty that deals with foot related diseases and therefore we provide a diagnosis of your condition followed by a treatment. It is common to find cases in which people do not address this problem until they start suffering due to the period of absence of pain. It is important to proactively address such anomalies.

Various areas of podiatry:

GERIATRIC PODOLOGY: Refers to elderly persons feet favouring the well being of our patients.

SPORTS PODOLOGY: Treats injuries caused by sports activities and examine ways to avoid such injuries.

QUIROPODOLOGÍA: Queropatías treats types of harnesses, calluses, ulcers, ingrown or thickened toenails, etc.

FOOT with CAUTIONS: Constant assessment of patients with diabetes or circulation where problems may arise.