Hospital care

One of the most requested services from our clients is the attention given by the caretakers and escorts during daytime and night-time in the hospital. It starts as soon as the patients arrive at the ER and are placed in the Box to keep an eye on them throughout the night. Then, when the family calls us, we send our personal 24h guard to offer the support the patient needs. If the patient wishes to leave the premises, we continue with him until discharged, and when he reaches this point the patient or the family decides whether or not to continue with the same rehabilitation team or is ready for home care. The fact of having an assistant who is trained for the patient´s night or day care in the hospital is a relief for the families who can then focus on their other work or family related responsibilities. Of course, we offer reassurance to families knowing that even if they live abroad they shall be informed in actual time about everything that happens, at home or at the hospital. We manage any action necessary in case of urgency from our centre 24 hours a day. Our caretakers and auxiliaries are trained by Santa Rita to reflect our dynamics that motivates the patients in a personalised way. Everything to make his stay more enjoyable. Some times having a new face around them exclusively for a few hours may encourage them to smile, or to also restore their natural character. Since no one can know how a patient will react in advance, flexibility is one of our pillars.

Our dynamics can be from attending his sleep to his sleeplessness, to attend his lunches or dinners, to control the serum, to carry out postural changes to avoid the feared necrosis, to perform hygienic necessities to avoid urinary tract infections, provide directions in order for the patient to not lose any muscle mass so he will be encouraged to be active and walk around, to offer reading time with newspapers as well as simple game he may enjoy… everything for a successful recovery.

We must note that the most common profile are elderly patients medical illnesses, oncologic and other dementias such as Alzheimer´s.