Babysitting and childcare workers


The babysitter often starts helping in the family´s house who request the service, but also in hotels and vacation homes, even by accompanying them in their travels or events such as weddings.

Childcare workers

The activity of the paediatric nurses are developed by professionals, who will have a first interview with the client in which it will illustrate the duties necessary and assess the reliability of the person.

It is highly desirable to start this service following postpartum and as support for the return home. Now, due to numerous insemination treatments, it is frequent for us meet mothers of multiple births. The babies are put in a clinic room during the night and our role here is to assist from birth. Our staff provides care at night or in the day for the full attention of the new born in order for the mother´s necessary rest.

Then we continue with the same team of nurses at home until the mother is fully rested and recovered. The nurse will assist you in everything that concerns the baby and its environment: toiletries, food, cures, infant massage, accompaniment to run errands and events, etc…