Encouraging proactivity

Too many elderly people or with little means of mobility want like to spend an enjoyable day, either eating a paella in front of the sea in Sitges, leaving Barcelona to visit some friends or simply aimlessly wandering the city or county.

Santa Rita Assistance provides them a pick-up service from home with a driver and accompanies them to and fro. This option will give them the autonomy to make plans without thinking about how to move around and with whom as an escort, since in addition, you will be able to rely on a clinical assistant to cover all your needs.

This way, the patient will be able to organise their outings and obtain the necessary assistance they need to feel safe and enjoy some of the activities that sometimes are hindered by the lack of logistical support.

– Pick up in car with a driver from your home.
– Visit Barcelona by car or other destinations.
– Transfers to any place with clinical assistants.
– A day visiting friends.
– Return home with the driver.
– Organise a trip with a friend.
– Go out for Christmas shopping.
– A Thousand plans more …

Make your plans happen. Encourage him to be proactive!